What’s all this then?

The adventures of a late twenties graphic designer (and part time personal assistant) living in South West London.

I registered the blog name after a trip to a local farm accidentally left me with an abundance of marrows and an idea about a website for sharing and posting vegetable recipes; then disaster struck. After watching the Olympics and seeing one Miss Jessica Ennis win gold I thought – hey she’s my age and look how fit she is!! I could be that fit too! (WRONG.)

I took up running and managed to fracture my foot- quite badly it seems as I’m now well into week 10 and still unable to walk, and still waiting on an MRI (I heart the NHS.) After 7 weeks of struggling to keep up with my (extremely demanding) job, my company finally sat me down and suggested I take the rest of the year off (!) to concentrate on sorting out my personal life and recovering from my Olympic themed injury.

This blog will be devoted to adventures, crafts, artwork, food ideas, complaining about South West Trains, and hopefully documenting me figuring how to get back on top of things. By the time I head back to work (which I will hopefully do on two fully functioning feet!) I’d like to look back and see that I got a lot done over the past few months.

So sit back, relax, and if we look at the “marrow” as being an allusion to my ideal life, I’ll get started on making that marrow.


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