Awake! Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More

After two incredible visits to Punchdrunk’s London-based immersive theatre spectacle The Drowned Man, I finally found myself in New York City to see their production of Sleep No More– a fully interactive interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The entire experience is a fantastic whirlwind adventure into the secrets, betrayal, and ambition prevalent in Macbeth. You live […]

Once Upon Covent Garden – Immersive Theatre Review

The last immersive theatre adventure of the year took our theatre club to Covent Garden for a lively interactive production of “Once Upon a Christmas” by creative theatre group Look Right Look Left. The premise is a bit cheesy at best – and perfectly suited to the pantomime style of the production. The Christmas Wedding […]

I Get Buy with a Little Help From my Friends…

This the season for gingerbread lattes, red berries on sticks, trees, and getting white-girl-wasted at the company Christmas party (four checkmarks for this chick so far)– and it’s also, apparently the season for giving! Now as a personal rule, I do not purchase from UK Amazon for a variety of holier-than-thou reasons, and as a […]