Vintage Ventures – Farewell to C Stock

The latest tube adventure was the excellent Farewell to the C Stock Tour, a 5 hour C Stock extravaganza around London. The tour was the final trip of the C Stock on London Underground, and took in the stops that C Stock operated in during its 44 years in service. As the C Stock served […]


Illustrations and Watercolour Showpage

Of all the things I love, illustrating things with watercolour, pencil and ink is kinda my favourite. This page is a collection of watercolour and pencil illustrations from a variety of subject matter and events; all of which were experienced from life and then illustrated from memory and occasional photo aides. Coke Can Illustrated from photo […]

Open Day at Wandsworth Prison… Museum. Just the Museum.

This weekend is the last weekend in which the Wandsworth Prison Museum will sit in its current location–  a small gatehouse near the entry to Wandsworth Prison. In honour of that fact, the volunteer-run Museum is having an open weekend, which will conclude today at 4pm. The museum is the work of Stewart McLaughlin, a […]