Leisurely Lunchbreak – the Roof Garden at John Lewis

Checked out the wonderful roof garden on the roof of the John Lewis Oxford Street store today – and I think I found the most perfect place to spend a lunch break! The roof has been completely transformed from a normal greying concrete jungle to a more plant-based variety of jungle. Living walls, floral beds, and potted plants line the roof, while astro-turf (in one of the four varieties the store sells) lies beneath your feet.


There’s some great views of Oxford street from up high – none of which I managed to capture, of course.



It’s free to visit, and there are deck chairs, benches and cushions available to lounge on. There’s also a Joe and the Juice booth providing food and drinks. The garden is to celebrate the 150th anniversary of John Lewis, and will be open until 31 August.




Find out more information here.


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