Sometimes They are Three. Sometimes They are Five. Review of 1984.

For Headlong Theatre Company’s performance of 1984, Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan have brilliantly brought to life Orwell’s novel of a watchful dystopian world. The setting is fantastic. Wooden panelled walls and doors set the stage for an office building and canteen. Grey box files line the walls, and windows allow for teasing glimpses of […]

Strawberry Fields Forever – A Trip to the Farm

There is pretty much nothing* I love more than visiting pick your own farms in the Autumn (*maybe tube trains and football.) It always makes me fantastically homesick for the rolling fields and fall foliage of Pennsylvania, but it’s an enjoyable day out. Here’s some pictures taken from the excellent Garson’s farm in Esher- never […]

Vintage Ventures – The Secret Underground Bunker

Open House London is pretty much my favourite time of year in London. If you’re not familiar with it, check out the premise here. One of the most exciting buildings to see and explore in 2013 was the incredible World War II Standby Cabinet War Room at Dollis Hill – often called the Neasden Secret […]