IJAD- Get With the Program

I’ve been working as an embedded journalist with IJAD dance company for the past few weeks while they rehearse and develop their performance for the Science Museum- which is tonight! As part of that, I’ve found the movements and subject matter very inspiring to my own personal work designing and drawing. Since I had done several sketches and drawings, I got asked if I’d take a look at doing a design as part of the program for the event.

The idea was to show a merging of the internet and the universe and show the infinite reach that they both have, and combine those ideas with how they relate to us. Complex!

Here’s some of the ideas I had for it:

Base Idea

Program AB 4


Half CircleFull Circle - Without Outline

Full Circle - With Outline

Text Options

Full Circle - Without Outline With You

So which one did they choose? I’ll pop a picture of it up here once I’ve got my hands on the program tonight. Exciting times!!

Update: Here’s the final program!

Program Folded

Program Opened

Got my name in there and everything 🙂


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