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This blog is written by me, Emily Pulham. I’m a thirty-something (more thirty than something, mind) half-American half-British hybrid from Allentown, PA now living in London, UK.

I am a 2009 graduate of Richmond University with a BA (Hons) Creative Arts and Communications.

I am a very overly enthusiastic football supporter and interested in vintage trains and the history of the London Underground. Below is a triptych of me sneaking into the cab of a Vintage 1938 tube train, putting on a drivers vest, and pretending to drive the tube at Amersham station.

This blog is a mix of my interests – writing, painting and researching the history of the London Underground, to name a few. Some of my top posts are also below, which should give you an idea of what the blog is all about.

I have a job, but it’s important to note that the views expressed here are my own and in no way associated with the views of my employer.

I’m happy to be contacted about freelance work and also to be chatted to on twitter. Get in touch!

E-mail: ejpulham@yahoo.co.uk
Twitter: @makingthemarrow
Linked in: Emily Pulham

Why Ruining My Life was the Best Thing that ever happened to me
A writing piece about what I learned when my life fell apart.

The Drowned Man and the Delighted Spectator
A review and look into one of the most incredible theatre things that I’ve seen.

It’s a Man’s World – Sexism in Football
A look at why women don’t yet run the world when it comes to football

Fruity Close Ups – Work with Paper Fruits
A look at creating fruit displays out of cut paper

Vintage Ventures – From Park to Palace
A walk through some of North London’s abandoned rail lines and stations.


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