Allen Arts Academy – 2013

Every year my alma matter William Allen High School has a fundraiser for the Allentown Arts Academy. The Arts Academy is a program within the school that allows high schoolers to enjoy and benefit from nearly 3 hours of arts education every school day. It’s a wonderful initiative, and in a world of cuts to […]


The Ghosts of Fleet Street – And a Really Dead Octopus

Halloween’s Immersive adventure was part theatre spectacle, part history lesson. It was a “ghost walk” of sorts, put on by UnrealCityAudio to introduce us to the “Ghosts of Fleet Street.” The tour weaves its way around Fleet Street telling the story of the press and publishing through the ages. Along the route we meet several […]

IJAD Dance – The Performance & Final Thoughts

On October 30th the nearly month long embedded journalism project with @IJADdance culminated with watching the performance of the piece at the Science Museum’s Late Night. The stage is set in a carpeted and heavily pillared area of the building. Interlocking taped circles adorn the floor, and hoops are held at waist height by taunt ropes […]