Allen Arts Academy – 2013

Every year my alma matter William Allen High School has a fundraiser for the Allentown Arts Academy. The Arts Academy is a program within the school that allows high schoolers to enjoy and benefit from nearly 3 hours of arts education every school day. It’s a wonderful initiative, and in a world of cuts to arts education, it is a fantastically important program to keep running. To ensure its secure future, a fundraising show is held every year in which students, alumni, and local artists are asked to donate an 8×8 inch canvas which will then be sold to raise money.

I try to do it every year, although last year I just missed the cut-off point (hurricanes, eh?)

This year my submission is based loosely on a very hipsterish picture I took of my feet while waiting for a train at Poole station.



Here’s how it developed! It turns out shoelaces are the new hands, because my gosh golly were those difficult! The piece is done using watercolour paint and pencil.






You can learn more about the auction and Allentown Academy of the Arts here.

You can see the last two years submissions here.

You can chat to me on twitter @makingthemarrow


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