Christmas Cards for 2013

Last year I made my own Christmas cards by hand and individually.

It was an adventure I was able to undertake owing to my being off work with a busted foot, and an adventure I quickly realised I was *not* going to have time to replicate this year.

This year I opted for handmade origins, and then ordered them from an actual printer – in this case Yellow Print Shop, who are a fairly local business that I’ve dealt with for lots of printing needs in the past. They did a great job- and a very speedy one too.

Here’s how the cards look this year:


And here’s how they were made:

First I did a series of ink and watercolour sketches of winter robins. I’m a little in love with robins and red berries when it comes to winter decor.



I picked my favourite two sketches, and adapted them digitally.



Picked a top print – according to the flatmate, the green leaves make it good – and added a background and a Christmas greeting.

Christmas Card EPULHAM

I then ordered the cards, and here they are- ready to spread a little chirpy Christmas cheer!




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