A Little Evening Sketching

Did a little light sketching this evening, without hope or agenda, and just sat down to see what happened. Played around a bit with putting watercolour down and then sketching loosely on top of it, and also had a look at hand drawing some typeface. What I ended up with were a series of little […]


You Better Work – Paper Fruit & Veg to ReFRESH your FEET

There have been a few prior posts about the work I did with cutting out and arranging paper fruits and vegetables. Those designs are now part of Lush (Fresh Handmade Cosmetics) Summer Footcare Promotion to re-FRESH your feet with products containing fresh ingredients. It is currently on in the UK, Hong Kong, and most of […]

It’s as Hot as… Hell, really- Dante’s Inferno Review

Last weeks immersive theatre outing took me back to the scene of ‘The Rue Morgue’ – the spacious, rustic, and stiflingly hot Bussey Building in Peckham for ‘The Inferno.” We picked a good week to go as for the first time in probably 700 years, it’s hot as…well, hell in London. “The Inferno” is directed […]