The Internet Is an Interesting Place

The internet is an incredible place. It brings people together, connects nations, but there’s some weird stuff out there. Here’s some screen grabs that I’ve collected that really make me giggle.

Thanks Bing.

Bing. Good at English

What the hell is going on here?

Did you just say Vajamas?

Wrong line. HOW HARD CAN IT BE?

District Line actually forgets what line they are on

And how many reporters meet state standards, exactly?

How many Newsreaders

Seems like a legit weather forecast:

Is that real weather?

This is an actual, real, thing:

Lizard Yoga

Why you can’t trust Wikipedia

Jonjo Shelvey

So North Korean Government TV was on facebook for like a day…. they soon left.

Korean Facebook FV

I know what you’re thinking- Lamebook, right? Nope, this gem was on my actual newsfeed.

Lamebook FV

Juxtaposition. Also I think I can safely rule out one suspect in the missing limb query.

Newsfeed Funny FV

Good thing you clarified the direction of the train.

NOT Backwards People

Paulo DiCanio is actually allowed to write an article for BBC Sport

Paulo Di Canio

No, I didn’t mean that. I’m not an idiot.

Scallops and Callippos

There is an amazing fake twitter account for Southern Trains. People accidentally tweet them thinking they are the real train company. – @Southern_Trains are the fake ones, @SouthernRailUK are the real ones. It doesn’t help poor old Southern trains that Network Rail and Southwest Trains follow the fake account.

If you aren’t following these people get on it.

Southern 1

Southern Trains

Gee, thanks for the recommendation, Spotify…

Thanks Spotify?

That’s not a poodle. I’m really sure about this.

That can't be a poodle

The lives of moths – Amazon reviews of mothtraps

The Lives of Moths



You can check out some other web-based adventures here: Translated by Bing


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