IJAD Dance – Signed, Sealed, and er, Framed

I was very very lucky this year to get to do some interactive work with an incredible dance company, IJAD dance. The project was to be observing and responding to an inside look at one of their performances, which fused social media with arabic dance and examined the idea of a work having an infinite reach.

It ended up being a project opened some creative doors in my mind, and led to me experimenting with some subject matter and styles that I was not overly familiar with. You can see some of the sketches and designs that came out of the initial sessions here.

They are now having a fundraising auction, and it turned out to be another opportunity for me to have a look at the work I did, and to see if I could come up with some complete works to auction/use as prizes. Here’s what I came up with:

Here’s some of the original sketches:




IMG_9846.jpg ArtBoard3

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 11.41.27

And some glued red tissue paper, which I used as a digital overlay:


Here they are as digital versions, ready for print:

Sketches for IJAD dance

Solo Version 1

Solo Version 2

Then there was an adventure in framing!






Check out @IJADdance on twitter or click here to find out about the fundraiser.


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