I gotta be, I gotta be…101 – Celebrating 100 Marrow Posts!

This little post will be my 100th post on MakingtheMarrow.com!

This blog started as an experiment while going through a bit of a tricky situation in life, and it’s now become a project that I enjoy so much.

I was recently asked what my blog was about and when I responded “London, Theatre Reviews, Sketches, Graphic Design, History, and the London Underground” I was given some confused looks. I do have to concede that it is a bit of a niche market I’ve found myself in.

As readership and followers continue to steadily grow, here’s a look at some of the categories of the site that show the core base of what the blog is about.


A is for… Abandoned Stations.

I adore the history of the London Underground, and nothing makes me more excited than abandoned stations on the Underground. I adore the idea that scattered about the city are pockets of history– that one day somewhere turned a key in a lock and sealed up these historical time capsules. You can check out some posts on Abandoned Stations by clicking here.





A Crafty Little So and So…

Here’s a look at some of the crafty projects I’ve worked on this year – my personal highlight is the Jess Ennis costume… which I still have. And might* have worn to go for a run today.




*I wore it to go for a run today.

Going Underground…

Who I am kidding– it’s not just abandoned stations that I adore. I love everything about the tube and the London Underground. Click here to see all of my posts about it.

Commute Square


Emily Pulham Lino Print

We’re going to the Theatre, dahling.

I know nothing about writing about theatre, so naturally I write theatre reviews all the time. I do it for Everything Theatre, but I also write them for my own blog too. I’m a big immersive theatre fan, so do check out the Punchdrunk reviews in the Theatre category.


I’m paying attenti… oooh is that something shiny?

Sketching, drawing and painting are big passions of mine but I struggle to focus for long enough to finish anything. You’ll find sketches here, and painting work here – but you’ll find very little finished work. No one’s perfect 🙂 , right?

Twitter background Fruit and Veg




Phone Boxes Final

Colour Hands and Rings

Sushi SketchBreak1



Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 11.41.27

The Written Word

I not-so-secretly want to be a writer when I grow up. I write for football blogs, and also theatre reviews, but I also do a bit of writing for the ol’ blog. Have a read of some of the bits I’ve written here. (Photos from 20 Things I Probably DON’T need to achieve in my Twenties.)


6 emily daily

And who could forget badly photoshopped photos of my goldfish? 

Criminal Minds1bv

Yoga for Beginners and Fish

The Fish With the Dragon TattooFV

Bob and Ellie WHUFC1

Thanks for helping me get to 100 – I’m proud and delighted to share my little world with, well, the big world.  Here’s to the next 100 posts and beyond! 

Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 19.36.22


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