Illustrations and Watercolour Showpage

Of all the things I love, illustrating things with watercolour, pencil and ink is kinda my favourite. This page is a collection of watercolour and pencil illustrations from a variety of subject matter and events; all of which were experienced from life and then illustrated from memory and occasional photo aides.

Coke Can


Illustrated from photo of my feet and a coke can while waiting for a train at Poole station. 8” x 8” on canvas and sold in Allentown, USA.

Coloured Hand with Rings

Colour Hands and Rings

From a #Sketchbreak challenge to draw the jewelry you are wearing. Drawn from life.

Abandoned Station Illustrations.





Sketches of abandoned stations on London’s Underground network. All drawn from a mixture of visits and photographs.

Phone Boxes

Phone Boxes Final

#Sketchbreak challenge to draw a Phone Box from Memory.


Pumpkin Painting

Close up of a fall still life on canvas. 8” x 8” and sold in Allentown, USA.

Aladdin and Once Upon A Christmas

Sketches from a work project to research the visual aspects of pantomime culture. Almost all done from memory.





Sea Shells

Drawn from life. Watercolour on paper with sewn thread accents.

Sea Shell 1

Sea Shell 2

Sea Shell Two

Spirited Bodies Work

Sketched from a life-drawing session, and coloured later.

Spirited Bodies 1

Spirited Bodies 2

Salisbury Sketches

A collection from a weekend trip to Salisbury.





The Red Robes and Venice

Sketches from a theatre outing to see Venice Preserv’d. All done from memory, as cameras were not allowed as part of the performance.




Egg Cup fold-out

Another illustration from a #Sketchbreak challenge – this one was to draw an object for an “Egg-Shaped World.”

Egg Cup 1

Egg Cup 2

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