The Drowned Man and the Artist’s Response

Recently, Immersive theatre Maestros Punchdrunk put on a hell of a show in London. They took over an abandoned firehouse in Paddington to build a complex, vast and detailed set to bring Woyzeck, a tale of jealously and betrayal, to life as The Drowned Man. I went to the show twice and loved it both […]

Awake! Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More

After two incredible visits to Punchdrunk’s London-based immersive theatre spectacle The Drowned Man, I finally found myself in New York City to see their production of Sleep No More– a fully interactive interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The entire experience is a fantastic whirlwind adventure into the secrets, betrayal, and ambition prevalent in Macbeth. You live […]

The Drowned Man and The Epic Second Round

Punchdrunk’s Drowned Man is an epic spectacle. I saw it during preview week, which you can read about here, but decided once was certainly not enough and saw it again last night. The show is an incredibly staged immersive performance that allows you to travel through a world while turning it upside down. You can […]

The Drowned Man and the Delighted Spectator: Punchdrunk Review

Punchdrunk have made a triumphant return to London theatre with their newest production, The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable. I saw it during preview week, and now, 24 hours later, I am still delightfully turning the events over and over in my head and analysing every last bit of the production. The event is described […]