Washi Tape Christmas Extravanganza

I get to have two Christmases each year- an English one with Paul and friends in England, and then an American one in the States with my family. I love for all my gifts to be wrapped in a cohesive theme but this inevitably leads to me flying from country to country with wrapping paper, which seems unnecessary. Enter Washi tape! I’ve become a bit obsessed with this stuff as it can doll up anything in a very clean and precise way. And what a perfect way to do simple, concise, xmas wrapping that will look the same on both sides of the Atlantic with minimal luggage space. All I bought was Washi tape, brown paper from the post office, and a lovely decorative red handmade paper from Paperchase. Below are the results. IMG_6292 IMG_6298 IMG_6299 IMG_6300 IMG_6301 IMG_6295 You can find lots of great Washi tapes and papers at Paperchase- but they sold two kinds this year. Some were in a Christmas wrapping set, and were actually not very sticky or the right texture. The best ones were sold in their craft section at their larger stores.


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