#SketchBreak – Jewellery You’re Wearing

The Design Museum do a neat thing on Mondays- a lunchtime sketch break!

Around noon they (or their guest ‘host’ for the day) post a sketch challenge that you can do in your lunch break, and then post the results using the hash tag #SketchBreak

Today’s challenge was as follows:

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 15.06.05

Here’s what I submitted- a quick pencil sketch:

Hand and RingsLR

I then went over it with a light watercolour wash:

Colour Hands and Rings

I liked the way they looked side by side, so submitted both, as below:

Hand and Rings PencilColour

To join in, you can find them @DesignMuseum .


One thought on “#SketchBreak – Jewellery You’re Wearing

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