Something Fishy Volume 2

I’m now back at work and making absolutely no friends at my new office. Mainly because I spend my lunch break doing things like this. It’s a compulsion and I can’t make it stop.

Popping into Liberty’s to buy chocolates:


Working from home on our MacBook Pros:


The news that a job vacancy has come up is good news for a fish!

Religious Fishes1

Staring in the English (fish) version:

The Fish With the Dragon TattooFV

Making a move at the London transport museum’s late nights:

Transport Museum Late Nights

I got accused of eating someone else’s bounty bar, but fortunately CCTV footage set us straight:

Who Ate the Bounty

Taking part in Yoga For Beginners and Fish:

Yoga for Beginners and Fish

You can see more of Bob and Ellie’s exploits here.


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