Something Fishy – Volume 3

The dynamic duo known as Bob and Ellie are at it again! Here’s what they’ve been getting up to this week!

Taking the tube to work. Bob kindly stands and lets Ellie sit as he’s a gentlefish.

Commuting Fishes

A voyeuristic supporting role for Ellie in Criminal Minds, while Bob plays Agent Prentfish

.Criminal Minds1bvCriminal Minds 2 (Agent Prentfish)

While Bob steps into a glamorous photo shoot for Downton Abbey S3.

Downton Fishy

Bob must be a cold fish wandering around on the ski slopes.

Fish and Skelly

While Ellie takes to horse riding with her friend Dean.

Horse Riding

Taking in the subs action at Old Trafford.

Manchester United Substitution

Welcoming in Pope Francis of Afishi.

New Pope

Getting ready for a skiing holiday.


Heading down to Dorset.

Taking in the sights of Salisbury.



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