Photos Of Barnes. (The one where well-off people live, not cows.)

Because it’s suddenly and wonderfully summer in this god-forsaken ice covered country everyone has to get outside for as long as humanly possible. This led me and my photographer buddy @EnjoyTheView to go out for a long and wonderful walk by the Thames in Barnes.

Our route was pinched from the AA’s Walking In London book and starts from Hammersmith Bridge. The book suggested heading West from the bridge, along the river, past (or through) the absolutely stunning Leg O Mutton Nature Reserve. When you hit Barnes Bridge, make a left and head through St. Mary, Barnes – a rather stunning little town with possibly the best charity shop –  I’ve ever visited. Head past the the London Wetland Centre and then make a left when you hit the Thames and continue along the river till you return to Hammersmith Bridge – walking past the gorgeous Harrod’s Furniture Stores building.

The walk was 6km and claimed to take 1hr 30minutes, but we are probably the most leisurely people in the world as we took 3-4 hours!

Here are some photos I took along our lovely Spring walk – all photos were taken on a Canon PowerShot SD 780 IS.














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