The Great Blog Tour – Next Stop, Marrow Town

I’ve been asked to write a little post for The Great Blog Tour!

The idea of The Great Blog Tour is to, by getting bloggers to answer a few simple questions and then pass the questions on to another blogger, spread connections from blog to blog and also learn a bit about who is blogging, and why!

I’ve been really lucky to be tagged in this post by one of my most talented writer friends, Fiona Barrows. She writes the brilliant food blog The Very Hungry Londoner, and writes about not just dining out in London but her life adventures in general – exhibitions, travels, and events she attends.

She’s passed the challenge on to me, and so with that in mind, here are my responses:

What am I working on?

I write a bit of a mixed bag of a blog! The overriding themes are my own arts and crafts, immersive theatre reviews, and writing about the history of the London Underground, which is pretty much my great passion in life. I write about experiences I have, places I travel to, and occasionally go on an opinionated rant about something.



How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, tube writing, immersive theatre reviews and watercolour sketches in one blog does tend to be kind of a niche market! I don’t think there are a lot of blogs out there who combine my weird and varied interests in one blog. Similarly, there are very few people who would find everything on my blog interesting, but I think a lot of people would find one or two things of interest here!IMG_0850

Why do I write what I do?

In a way, this blog was never really meant for public consumption. I started it as a recovery diary when I was injured and suffering from mental health issues. It was a way for me to ensure I was pushing myself creatively, and keeping a record of what I was working on so that I could look back and remind myself that I had been doing something, however insignificant that something was. I’ve been up and running publicly for just over a year and have now had 13,000 views and honestly, I am both shocked and proud of that figure.


How does your writing process work?

I just pull up a word document and type until something useful eventually pops out. In all honestly, sometimes it doesn’t. I also spend a shocking amount of time writing on my iPhone whilst on public transport. I just type everything I think, and spend a lot of time re-visiting and editing until something that resembles a piece of writing appears.


From here, I would like to ask my friend Tamsin of the blog ‘Big Fat Strokie Twat’ to have a go at answering the above questions. Tamsin’s blog is part creative and visual delight, and part exploration of her life since surviving a stroke. She’s clever, creative, and wonderful, and you can check out her blog here.


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