Our Time Is Running Out – Escape Games in Time Run

Time Run is a fun and intelligent new escape room adventure that lets you travel through space and time whilst solving puzzles and unlocking safes on the hunt for a missing relic – all while you have just sixty minutes to complete the game and win your release from the room. The idea of this game is that we are assigned to visit various countries in various years (including – spoiler alert – the future) whilst solving puzzles in each specific location to unlock clues and hints as to how we can find a mysterious missing lance.

We start in a steam punk styled laboratory-cum-office with old books, chemistry equipment and jars of curiosities. The rules are explained at length by a charismatic character and several important roles are assigned – including the time keeper, who gets to wear a very important watch so that we can watch our time run out right in front of our eyes. There are many jokes woven into the introduction on the importance of solving this task and making sure we remember what day in time we are to return to so that we do indeed show back up in the present. We laugh, slightly nervously. You never know.

The challenges are tremendously clever. Each room has completely different puzzles from the previous one, and what’s reassuring about this game is that there’s no need to bring any outside knowledge into the game; everything you need to solve each challenge and task is right in the room. There’s a lot of physicality in some of the puzzle assembling, as well as brain work in figuring out where to start and what to do.

For those who get stuck – fear not! Assistants who are loyal to the cause are watching your endeavours unfold, and they offer regular clues and hints via screens in the room when they can see you struggling with a particular point in the game. The hints are crazy helpful and ensure that you are able to keep moving on in the game rather than get stuck and demotivated at any particular point.

It really makes for an incredible hour of fun. We are a mess of energy and panic; we divide and conquer puzzles and tasks and trade jobs when we get stuck on each one. A fairly physical task in room two has the entire group working together to achieve something reminiscent of the full size wizard chess scene in Harry Potter. It’s hard work, but it is outstanding fun.

The decor is equally impressive. The rooms are kitted out flawlessly for the relevant time period and locale. Every detail in the room fits and looks made to measure. Each new room is greeted by gasps and surprise by the intrepid guests, and we don’t all pick the same favourite room afterwards.

The hour is, of course, the quickest hour of our lives — and luckily we get the lance rescued just in time (and faster than the other team who are doing it at the same time as us in a separate room!) Time Run are interesting in that they offer you a score card afterwards, so that you can see how well you did what you did. We completed it in 54 minutes and were pleased and proud to note that we only needed 21-25 hints (the third least needed out of 7 categories, the last being 40+.)

It’s a brilliant way to spend an afternoon with a group of friends, and the impressive decor really enhances what is a challenging – but ultimately rewarding – journey through time and space.

Time Run : The Lance of Longinus is running until Sunday 31st January 2016. You can book tickets for 3-5 players at time-run.com and look out for further adventures from them on Twitter @timerunldn


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