I really like this window display…. WAIT A MINUTE

Over the summer I worked on one of the biggest projects of my career – to design a window that had to go in every one of our 850 worldwide stores to launch our makeup range. It was a massive undertaking to find something that sold the product without giving too much information about it away in the window, and also have it work as a communication tool in different international markets (including the United States…)

Here are some snippets of some aspects of the window. It mainly consisted of these curtains of hanging dots, and then the dots also were stuck to the window, and folded out of the window, led down to the floor, and then sticky vinyl dots stuck to the floor led the customer directly to the new make up range.




That’s me, above, with the window while it was in our Walnut St, Philadelphia Lush.

Last night I went to a MAJOR player in the bath care industry in the United States, and they had a really lovely Christmas display in store- so nice actually that I snapped some pictures of it, and thought ‘wow I really like this!’

It took another ten minutes for the penny to drop. I walked further into the store and noticed this interesting series of vinyl dot stickers leading customers through the store to the tills. Multiple layers of hanging dot curtains, round solid coloured vinyl stickers showing how to move through the store to key areas- that’s my emotional brilliance window!

I cannot believe that the BIGGEST cosmetic and candle company in the United States actually pinched my idea! My mom noticed at the same time as I did, and we stood there in an interesting mix of shock and awe.  I was more flattered than annoyed, as I’m a part time graphic designer operating out of little old Dorset, and here was a massive chain taking an idea I had and using it across the US.


So thank you very much to this store for a really unexpected boost of confidence. It’s hard when you’re not involved in your job on a day to day basis to remember that you were chosen to do that job for a reason, but when you see an idea you came up with being so blatantly replicated (but let’s be real, not improved on) across the United States, you bloody are doing something right.



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