The Pulham Family Christmas Card

Part of the joys of being slightly out of work is that your family hears the words “graphic designer with plenty of time on her hands!” and suddenly out of nowhere has lots of work for you to do! Great!

This is one project I was very happy to help with- designing the Pulham Family Christmas card. Where it gets weird was that it wasn’t the card so much that I was designing. I needed to design the picture.

Since us Pulhams are a bit spread out over the Atlantic (two in PA, one in NYC, and one in London) we only get together once or twice a year, and this year we only saw each other at the beach….. in 100 degree weather. The challenge was could I take the only picture of us and make it….. Christmassy?

Here’s the photo:Image

I should note this was taken on Long Beach Island. Remarkably the house is still standing, but over 8 feet of sand below it has washed away (and the staircases!!)

And now, with added festive cheer:



We ended up going for the top option, but in red. Clients can be SO picky sometimes.


Happy Holidays from the Pulhams! x


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