Oh The Places You’ll Go- Map Pictures

Living with a photographer means my  photos never ever look as good as the ones he takes. There’s just no competition, so I’ve got to try to come up with other ways to make my holiday snaps interesting.

I took web images of maps of some of the places that I’ve visited over the past couple of years, dragged them into Photoshop and created an outline of the city borders. I then added a layer of white with the city borders cut out, dragged in a vacation photo, and voila- a new way of looking at where you’ve been.

Sorta goes without saying some cities work better than others, but results are below!

Allentown  Bethlehem Berlin Belfast1 bath2 Aylesbury Amsterdam Bristol3 Chester Conwy Dover 1 Edinburgh Esher Frankfurt Milan1 New York City Newcastle Poole Scarborough2 Sheppey Snowdonia Tunisia York


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