Alphabet Letter Pillow Case – ‘F’

A while ago I went on a domestic binge and decided to hand sew pillowcases for the odd shaped pillows in the house. At the time, I never got further than the purchasing of material. This is not a huge surprise. But finally, a full pillowcase has been sewn!

Got to this step without photo evidence, using a very very simple stitch.

Photo 2


Pillowcase Photos1

Then it needed decorations. Since the colour of the fabric is the same lovely marigold orange of my two darling goldfish, I thought this might make a nice fish themed pillow. I keep seeing neat initial pillows, and thought that would be good to incorporate this into my first foray into pillow making. I printed out an ‘f’ and drew some fish onto paper. I then flipped everything, and attached it to some stiff felt, and cut it out.

Photo 6


Then some positioning.Photo 7


The decorations were then stitched onto the pillow. In hindsight, I would have sewn the decorations on before sewing the whole pillow together as there were a few mistakes made doing it this way.

Photo 8

The finished product, which is now propping my back up as I type.

Photo 9


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