Tube Train Linocut

This isn’t a new project but a revisited project from a few years ago. The Londonist, one of my favourite blog websites, is searching for original artwork and photographs that relate to subterranean London for a show at the Bishopsgate Institute. Artwork and the Underground is a match made in heaven for me, so I went in search through old portfolios and sketch books for a lino cut I did during Uni. Fortunately my old portfolios are fairly well organised and I was able to find it!

It started as a sketch based on these two book covers (did I mention how much I love the “An Illustrated History Books”?)



Here are some of the preliminary sketches:

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3v2

Sketch 4

It was done as a 3 colour lino print (red, black, grey.) Print proof of the red colour layer:


And some of the results:



Bakerloo 09:07

Here’s the one I will most likely submit, but I am tempted to find a proper scanner first and submit it in a way that it’s clear it’s a print. Doubt it will make it into the show, but hey, you gotta start somewhere right?


And the properly scanned and submitted version:

Emily Pulham Lino Print


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