Something Fishy…

I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands the past 4 months.

Unfortunately for Paul (who co-parents the goldfish in the flat) it means I’ve had a lot of free time to Photoshop pictures of our goldfish in improbable situations, and e-mail them to him while he’s trying to work.

He might think that since I’m returning to work on Monday, I won’t have time to do this anymore, but he’s wrong.

There will always be time for badly Photoshopped pictures of goldfish.

Supporting West Ham before the Fulham game:

Bob and Ellie WHUFC1

Showing how easy it is to retain your ticket whilst traveling on South West Trains:


Dr. Bob:

Dr. Bob

A friendly face at the Tooting Bec Lido:

EnjoytheView 1

Making waves on the BBC’s homepage:

Fish on the BBC

A surprisingly lack of facial blurriness on Google maps:

Goolge Maps

Participating in the 150 year anniversary of the London Underground:

IMG_5010-Check Passengers

IMG_5058Brighter Who Is That?

The iron fishy:

Iron Lady Bob

Excited about the new LoveFilm DVD arriving:


Ghostly happenings in Brompton Cemetery:

orbs and goldies


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