Everybody Out Of The Water (Sharks)

I’m not a big shark fan, but they cropped up a few times this week. I can only suppose that being back at work and being away from my pet goldfish has made me more attracted to other fish this week. Particularly sharks.

Firstly, I found this gem on Twitter – @TheAverageShark

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 23.39.44

It’s a shark’s twitter account. The shark follows only one person – Seal (the singer.) Genius. Here are some sample tweets:

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 16.48.47

Then I came across the song ‘Eject’ by Pluto Jonze. Totes not my normal cup of tea, but there’s a great line in there which is as follows:

“You may come to regret your decision, but you cannot stop or turn back, because we are all sharks. We drown if we stop moving forward.”

It’s a neat statement, so I borrowed a shark from one of my older Lush projects (below)

Cambridge Hanging Board.indd

And made a quick little info graphic:

We are all sharks

Now if I could only find where to buy these in London- my weird shark week would be complete!

tumblr_m689h2zCQX1qffkwto1_250_thumb (*not my photo)


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