#SketchBreak – Draw a Phone Box

Today’s @DesignMuseum #SketchBreak was a real challenge.

The task? Draw a phone box – from memory. This is extra hard for us half-breed British people.

Here’s what they actually look like:


Here’s what I came up with-

First I put down a layer of red watercolour- some were a bit more uniform than others:

Left Sketch

Right Sketch

Then, I went over it with black pen:

Phone Boxes Final

@DesignMuseum runs the #SketchBreak every Monday, and it’s great to partake in (that link should take you to their favourited photos from #SketchBreaks past, including two of my previous entries!) It’s nice to have a little out-of-your-comfort zone task for Monday lunch, plus it’s great to see what everyone else is coming up with.

Also I’m on twitter @makingthemarrow .


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