Five A Day – Paper Fruits, Now With Veggies!

Following on from the paper fruits (which you can also see here) I’ve recently been doing a bit more design work on the theme of creating things out of paper, and then transferring them digitally.

Here is some work I’ve done for a project at work! The first thing was to cut out the individual shapes from stiff coloured card, and then glue the pieces together.



IMG_7655Next, using some fruits from the previous project, I worked on grouping the items.



To give the project some depth, I balanced some of the items on various height markers- in this case, 5p coins, £1 coins, Naproxin pills and Codydramol pills. Just stuff I had lying around really!




Then I put the photos into Illustrator and Photoshop. I traced around some of the fruits in Illustrator to give them a black stroke, and then brightened and evened out some of the colours in Photoshop.

Pack IndividualsSecond Layout ghost

And some of the resulting patterns.

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 09.07.59

Fun With Fruits 2

ONe Step Ahead EDit2

Twitter background Fruit and Veg


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