We Got Room Keys – Review of The Hotel Plays

Defibrillator Theatre’s The Hotel Plays are set in the extremely glamourous Langham hotel, which one of my theatre buddies repeatedly informs me is Europe’s first Grand Hotel. Everything about the hotel is immaculate and decadent, and it’s a wonderful setting to invoke the atmosphere of the – fairly wealthy and white –deep South Americana that […]


Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid : Review of Velvet Loop’s The Illumination

This week took me to the depths of Hackney for an Immersive Theatre adventure which presented itself as an open evening of workshops, learning and free thought hosted by “The Scholars of the Last Torch” – a group of similar thinking individuals who seek a collective freedom. It’s basically a cult. The event takes place […]

Going to the Hilton and We’re Gonna Get Maaaaarried – Dante or Die’s ‘I do’

This week I went to see Almeida Theatre put on Dante or Die’s ‘I Do’ immersive theatre piece at the Hilton Docklands hotel. The performance is a study on marriage told through a ten minute period leading up to a wedding as the characters get ready in their respective hotel rooms. It is described as: […]

Go Immercity, It’s Yo Birthday – Theatre Review of The Three Rings of Cirque Tskui Part 1

Immercity, one of my favourite immersive theatre groups, recently kicked off their Three Rings of Cirque Tsuki show, and last Sunday I got to see the first instalment of what will be a series of 3 individual performances with storytelling themes. The initial ‘ring’ or show is entitled ‘Birthday’ and is described as: Birthday comes from […]

Don’t Lose Your Self Control, Or Your Heart – Emma by ONEOHONE Theatre

“Emma” is a theatre piece from ONEOHONE theatre that presents itself as an alternative to traditional chocolates and flowers for Valentines Day. The production is an interactive and fairly immersive retelling of Jane Austen’s “Emma,” in which Emma shares her expertise in match making with a series of actors and audience members who have turned […]

Once Upon a Sketchbook

As part of a project exploring the great British tradition of Pantomime, I attended two different pantomimes and then drew sketches interpreting and exploring what I had seen. Here are the sketches from the excellent “Once Upon a Christmas.” You can read the review of the show here. The sketches are a mix of coloured […]

A Tale of The Odyssey Which Doesn’t Go Against The Grain to Repeat

The Odyssey by Homer– Performed by The Factory, at the CLF Art Cafe (**** from this happy camper.) It’s hard to see how an evening of acting out every book of Homer’s The Odyssey could be an evening of fast-paced, clever, interactive and humorous theatre—but it genuinely is all of the above. The Factory bill the […]

Awake! Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More

After two incredible visits to Punchdrunk’s London-based immersive theatre spectacle The Drowned Man, I finally found myself in New York City to see their production of Sleep No More– a fully interactive interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The entire experience is a fantastic whirlwind adventure into the secrets, betrayal, and ambition prevalent in Macbeth. You live […]

Once Upon Covent Garden – Immersive Theatre Review

The last immersive theatre adventure of the year took our theatre club to Covent Garden for a lively interactive production of “Once Upon a Christmas” by creative theatre group Look Right Look Left. The premise is a bit cheesy at best – and perfectly suited to the pantomime style of the production. The Christmas Wedding […]